Renewable EV Technology : Mynergi showcases green EV charging solution

In the UK, electric vehicles (EV) are gaining prominence in the wake of a virgin fuel car ban to be enacted as early as 2030.

The EV fleet market is currently dominated by battery electric vehicles (BEV’s) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV’s).

Electric cars have several distinct advantages over petrol or diesel fuelled variants.

One benefit is directly related to their engineering-having no exhaust system, EV’s do not contribute to emissions production, which helps companies progress towards individual zero carbon pledges.

In contrast to internal combustion-engine vehicles, electric vehicles stand out for being silent, to the point that select US states have mandated they be fitted with noise makers to ensure pedestrian welfare. According to studies conducted on the matter, the distinct lack of noise pollution contributes to better driver welfare.

The lack of a gas engine in EV’s further contributes to sustainability objectives as it automatically renders repair and maintenance work (ex. in the form of oil changes) moot. This also results in a lower price point for consumers.

By 2040, EV fleets are expected to have a 15-25% lower cost of ownership than conventional internal combustion-engine vehicles.

As such, businesses and consumers are set on driving EV fleet adoption forwards, with 2020 having marked a surge in new EV registrations.

A prominent example of a brand making the switch to EV’s would be IKEA, which committed itself to zero-emissions delivery as part of its 2030 climate pledge.

Now that electric vehicles are on the verge of becoming the transport vehicle of choice in both the private as well as business sector and a score of electrified models proliferating on the market, proper charging management grows ever more important. With electricity demands for EV fleets set to spike, mitigating EV charging costs off the grid grows ever more important. This will require smart charging solutions such as the zappi electric vehicle charging system.

Produced by Lincolnshire-based Myenergi as the world’s first solar EV charger, it serves as a green energy storage asset, serving to both generate and manage power sustainably. The zappi is also capable of harnessing electricity as a power source for vehicles that are not fitted with solar panels.

Myenergi is set to participate at the RWM Exhibition set to take place from 22-23 September.

RWM is the UK’s premier recycling, resource and waste management event.