Plastic Recycling : NOVA Chemicals collaborates with Circulus

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© Brett Gilmour

NOVA Chemicals Corporation (“NOVA Chemicals”) announced a long-term agreement with Circulus Holdings PBLLC (“Circulus”) to supply NOVA Chemicals with recycled polyethylene (rPE) produced by Circulus. The agreement broadens NOVA Chemicals’ sources of post-consumer resin (PCR), expands the company’s PCR portfolio, and increases available supply for customers.

The demand for high quality PCR plastic in packaging is forecasted to increase significantly. NOVA Chemicals’ agreement with Circulus sets the stage for a strategic relationship with opportunity for future growth. Circulus produces a linear low-density/low-density recycled polyethylene blend (rLLDPE/LDPE), which is ideal for flexible packaging such as heavy-duty sacks, e-commerce cushioning and mailers, stretch wrap, and collation shrink.

Circulus recycles post-consumer plastic into high quality recycled resin at scale for repeated use in support of the circular economy for plastics. Its facilities all rely on 100% renewable energy to minimize the company’s carbon footprint with an infrastructure built to meet the domestic demand for PCR resin.

NOVA Chemicals’ PCR business is growing rapidly to meet market demand for recycled content. The company’s dedicated circular economy team has extensive PCR expertise coupled with technical capabilities at the company’s innovation facilities, which are equipped with industry-leading production, conversion and test equipment.