Recycling : Opening of cutting edge MRF in South Australia

© Andrew Beveridge / HUGHES PR

Australia’s most recent material recovery facility (MRF), located in Seaford Heights, South Adelaide, was inaugurated this fall in collaboration between the Southern Region Waste Resource Authority (SRWRA) and Re.Group. This facility, featuring sorting equipment from RDT Engineering and Machinex, can process 60,000 tonnes per year of single-stream recycling from local councils. Beyond the recycling commodities such as plastics, paper, metal and glass, the Southern MRF (SMRF) has established an initiative to reuse the recycled glass in asphalt and concrete.

RDT Engineering, as the system provider of this project, selected its long-time Canadian partner Machinex to equip the facility with highly automated key components such as seven MACH Hyspec® Optical Sorters, two MACH Ballistic Separators and two (2) additional screen separators.

David Rowland, RDT Engineering’s Chief Executive Officer, states, “RDT is extremely proud of our long partnership with Machinex. Their world leading technology has been integral in our projects across Australia and New Zealand. We are thrilled to be currently installing Machinex’ new SamurAI® robots at the Adelaide SMRF. This innovation will boost the efficiency of the site and sets it as Australia’s newest state-of-the-art MRF”.

Jonathan Ménard, VP Sales and Strategic Positioning at Machinex adds, “from one project to another, the close collaboration developed over the years between RDT Engineering and Machinex allows for great results. Their extended experience integrating recycling technologies is instrumental to achieve this cutting-edge system’s optimal performance. Congratulations to RDT Engineering and Re.Group on the successful completion of this facility”.

This project is a demonstration of the Australian Government’s commitment towards its recycling goals and efforts to reduce international export of local valuable materials. Machinex is proud to contribute to its partners local achievements for a more sustainable tomorrow.