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Recyling plant
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Solutions designed by Italian firm Panizzolo are known to increase the quality of recovered metal scrap and efficiently close the materials loop.

The metal recovery sector is constantly evolving. On the one hand, increasingly complex scrap is generated, on the other, the market requires increasingly refined products to be reintroduced into the production cycle. In between is Panizzolo Recycling System, a company that has been able to courageously interpret the valorisation of waste containing metals, becoming a leader in the sector, in Europe and in the world.


A constant Research and Development activity and 30 years of know-how are the guarantee of extensive knowledge of the scrap market and an awareness of supplying technologies that sum up the concept “time is money”. Thanks to these strengths, Panizzolo will present many technological innovations at its stand at Ecomondo (Hall A3, Stand 76/75) allowing companies to maximise production, reduce operating and maintenance costs and achieve full recovery of secondary raw materials.

Among the innovations developed this year, which will be presented at the Panizzolo booth at Ecomondo 2022 will be:


The new models also followed the same philosophy that has always distinguished the company: to provide state-of-the-art solutions with a view to maximizing the return on the customer's investment. For this reason, the design followed three main guidelines: increased productivity, increased flexibility, optimized maintenance time, and, sopprattutto, a singificant increase in hourly productivity without increasing energy consumption compared to previous models.
All this was made possible by the constant communication between the technical department, internal R&D and end customers working with Panizzolo machinery.


Every year tons of waste still rich in copper, aluminium and brass is sent to the landfill or exported due to the large amounts of wear-causing steel and inerts which often nullify the profitability of the process. Traditional plants and solutions currently on the market are in serious difficulty to find an effective solution to the problem, while the Panizzolo refining plant is capable of profitably recovering even the smallest quantities of metal, mechanically and with completely in-line treatments.

The main waste treated by the plants is mixed metal fluff, WEEE fluff, car-fluff, electronic circuit clippings, alucobond, aluminium caps and deironised copper. Fluff is waste from flotation plants or mixed metal grinding and contains a large amount of copper, aluminium, steel, glass and cement dust.
Panizzolo Recycling refining plants stand out due to the innovative RAF-M granulator and RAF-F turbine hammer mills. These feature patented elements that make them highly efficient and productive, capable of simultaneously processing waste with steel, plastic, glass and cement dust.

The processed metal scrap can cause significant wear, thus undermining the actual yield of processing over time. On the other hand, Panizzolo refining plants are specifically designed for even wear of the individual components, so as to avoid breakage or sudden drops in production. using the special castings also ensures longer service life of hammers and armours.
The recycling logic and the special castings, designed jointly with the University of Padua, allow for even wear of the individual components, guaranteeing longer service life and avoiding sudden drops in production. At the end of the treatment cycle, almost all non-marketable byproducts are eliminated, retrieving only the clean metal granules, classifiable as secondary raw material.

At Ecomondo 2022, Panizzolo will present important innovations on the refining plant. Thanks to constant research and development, the company has perfected a new refiner hammer mill model and technological upgrades aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the plant's end-of-waste metal recovery.


  • Flexible plants: Panizzolo recycling solutions quickly adapt to different treatment needs, simplifying and speeding up the type and size of incoming waste. In addition, recycling solutions can always be combined with a wide range of accessories that the customer can implement any time.
  • Low energy consumption: Thanks to their specific shredding logic, Panizzolo Recycling hammer mills maximise the energy consumption and hourly productivity ratio. With kW used being equal, our machines can process a greater quantity of materials per hour than those of the main competitors on the market.
  • Output excellence: Panizzolo Recycling solutions include grinding, shredding, separation and granulation technologies for the full recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Due to the high-quality output, many customers deliver the metals directly to the foundry and steel mill.
  • Fast maintenance: Panizzolo technologies are designed to minimise production downtime and the number of operators involved in the operation. The simplicity of these operations implicates involving an essential number of maintenance technicians, without the need for particularly professional equipment. Periodical inspections and greasing operations are simple and intuitive, without needing to disassemble any parts of the machinery.
  • Structural solidity: The thickness of armours, steelwork, reinforcements and welds in the machinery are aimed at guaranteeing its integrity throughout its life cycle and during very intensive treatments. Grinding stress is limited to interchangeable or consumable components, without affecting the structure of the hammer mill.


Since its birth Panizzolo Recycling Systems has expanded the range of action from Italy to countries such as China, Korea, Africa and North Africa, Australia, South America. The positive trend started in 2014, with a fairly straight line. Since 2018, the straight line has become a vertical hyperbole, recording increases in turnover of +25, +30, + 40% per year. For this reason Panizzolo has been carrying out important investments internally this year: training projects for staff, structuring of roles and company processes, introduction of new equipment and the opening of a third and new location dedicated to the warehouse and service.

“Compared to other competitors” concludes Mauro Panizzolo, “we have chosen to specialize in just one sector, that of waste with metals. There is good job potential and we are opening up to new markets, but we always keep our feet on the ground. We are not interested in selling a machine or a plant, but in selling a solution that can improve the work of companies. In fact, I think that achieving the objectives together with the customer is one of the things that gives us the most satisfaction. For us, a satisfied customer means a customer who is doing good business with our technologies."