Digitisation : Recycleye and ACEA Ambiente: AI-powered quality control system for waste separation

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Recycleyes specialists are adapting the Recycleye Vision system to the needs of Acea Ambiente to automate quality control in waste separation plants. This innovation will allow Acea Ambiente to have real-time information on its facilities, constantly guaranteeing high purity.

Speaking about this innovation, Giovanni Vivarelli, President of Acea Ambiente announced: “Waste management and valorisation is part of Acea Ambiente’s commitment to the circular economy. Our collaboration with Recycleye to develop the first automated quality control system in Italy will increase the volume of recycled materials. Recycleye is developing cutting-edge technologies in waste management and we recognise the importance and effectiveness of this agreement, based on research and innovation.”

Peter Hedley, CTO of Recycleye, said: “This collaboration is another tangible example of the change in the recycling industry that we hoped to achieve through Recycleye. Enabling Acea Ambiente to further maintain its commitment to the circular economy is another step towards our mission to solve the global waste problem through 21st century technology and we are inspired to collaborate with them.”