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Advertorial : Rethinking underground containers and municipal waste management


The MolokDomino system is so flexible that you could divide the containers in 343 different ways. There is a solution for every need, and you’re not stuck with your decision forever. It’s easy to redesign your system and change the volumes that you need due to changes in operating habits or waste regulations.

We also know that the aesthetics of a system matter. When planning a waste system, it is worth considering what the overall look of the environment is. We believe that the waste collection point should be a harmonious part of the overall look of your building or park, rather than an eyesore that you need to hide. Framing the waste containers is one way to create a unified look for your area. There are a wide range of options for framing MolokDomino containers, from composite to aluminum to print framing. We can also implement a customized option according to your wishes. The possibilities are endless.

There are many ways to install the MolokDomino system. Our waste containers are not restricted to a straight line. There are many more possibilities. The containers can be placed, for example, in an L-shape or facing each other. The system can even be installed on a slope.