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HSM : Robust Presses for reduced Waste Volume

Bales of secondary materials
© Stark

For the Stark company, waste disposal means that this waste can be recycled for new applications. In this type of business, individual consultancy is therefore just as important as adhering to all the laws. Stark has been certified since 2004 for both ISO 9001 (quality management) as well as ISO 14001 (environmental management). It has also successfully completed the auditing process as the first specialist waste management facility in Waldviertler.

To reduce the volume of paper and cardboard, a mobile baling press was used for years. However, this could no longer cope with the company’s growth and the corresponding quantities of waste. Since Stark GmbH has been focussed on quality from the very beginning, it was also the major factor in their purchasing decision. The new baling press should be easy to operate, state-of-the-art and the costs– including the running costs - had to be transparent. Just as important: an optimized service network, which – should the need ever arise – could provide fast and reliable support.

Since Stark GmbH has been a partner and shareholder of the Austrian Disposal Cooperation Group ABCO GmbH since July 2001, the company asked the group members for their recommendation. At the end of the decision process, there were five suppliers on the short list. After all the required criteria were added up, a final decision was reached in favour of HSM: the professional advice, quick reaction time of the supplier to questions and also the personal chemistry just all worked. The details were also decisive: since certain wearing parts of the new HSM VK 7215 channel baling press are made of Hardox – a top quality, high strength steel which is hard-wearing, Stark GmbH can reckon with lower maintenance costs. And since the new system is supposed to operate reliably for about 20 years, Stark made its decision, as always, on the principle of selecting the best offer and not the cheapest offer.

Picture of the machinery
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  • Reinhard and Gottfried Stark
    „In our company, we make decisions based on the best offer– and not on the principle of the cheapest offer. The HSM channel baling press won because we want the machine to operate for about 20 years and we therefore need the most reliable and best press possible."

    Reinhard and Gottfried Stark

The new HSM VK 7215 channel baling press is perfect for professional waste management companies thanks to its high throughput. In addition to the robust construction, the fully cardanic press cylinder mounting means there is reduced wear on the press cylinder and the plate guides. Stark GmbH can now benefit from a versatile solution for material with a bulk weight of up to about 60 kg/m³. The machine operators can control the pressing process conveniently and safely via a light barrier. Thanks to the frequency controlled drive, energy is saved whilst the performance remains the same. The HSM channel baling press therefore does a great job all-round. The baling press still has reserve capacities which also means that when the material volumes increase, Stark GmbH has already made a selection for the future.

The degree of compression of the bales and therefore their weights, depends on the fraction and the selected bale length. For the paper factory which processes the paper waste, Stark GmbH not only has to meet the general requirements of the industry and of recycling plants: the paper factory requires a weight of at least 500 kg for a specific bale size and Stark GmbH can even exceed this now with a weight of 570 kg per bale.

In addition to all the plus points of the baler itself, there is also the strong service aspect with which the company is extremely happy: “We were always kept up to date and always informed in good time if there was a delay regarding an appointment. During the installation, the skilled technicians took time for all our questions and answered these in great detail” Reinhard Stark emphasized regarding the service: “And if we ever have a problem, we know that the communication and support will be just as reliable and smooth.”

© Stark/HSM