Event : RWM Exhibition scheduled for September 2021

rwm waste recycling

The Birmingham based waste sector show will take place on 22-23 September 2021.

Consisting of the UK’s most influential waste and trade associations, RWM showcases innovation and analysis on all things waste conversion and processing.

Topics introduced at the exhibition will relate to the opportunities and challenges facing the recycling and waste management industry, with special emphasis placed on circular economy initiatives.

Connecting a diverse landscape of experts and visitors representing some of the UK’s largest recycling and reprocessing companies as well as several SME’s, the trade show is conceived of as a potential networking space.

In 2019, the show last saw the launch of a host of product launches, ranging from municipal sweepers, waste pressers and a double decker bus to an eye-catching elephant made from used batteries.

Beyond presenting innovative products and sector services from across the world, RWM also seeks to provide insight to a wide range of businesses on how they can use sustainable technologies that will render their immediate output both environmentally friendly as well as economically viable. RWM 2019 saw a variety of speakers from diverse international organisations such as NASA, Procter& Gamble as well as Costa Coffee deliver speeches touching on all aspects of the recycling, resource and waste management industry.

RWM as an event also features a bespoke seminar schedule focusing on topics ranging from waste management to the circular economy

This year, the show will continue to build on its success with regards to its keynote speeches by offering a bespoke seminar schedule but will also launch the RWM Arena, an outdoor feature featuring displays, working demonstrations and new large-scale machinery technologies.

RWM will take place on 22-23 September 2021 at Birmingham’s NEC. Tickets are free for delegates. If you would like to attend, you can register for your ticket here.