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Innovation, sharing, evolution. Behind the Forrec brand there is a team of professionals: the trusted authors of an innovation process that starts with sharing ideas to develop and build machines that are an expression of constantly evolving technology. Thanks to its experience, Forrec develops turnkey projects and optimized solutions to minimize operating costs. The company offers efficient solutions by following a process from waste analysis, a targeted design to the installation process and carefully responds to all solid waste processing needs. There are currently 28 models of industrial shredders in the catalogue, designed to respond in terms of power and processing capacity to the most diverse operational needs of customers. Among them are a number of flagship models that, thanks to careful design and high construction quality, stand at the top of the industry and enjoy wide acclaim among industrial operators. The production of shredders is flanked by that of hammer mills, used in the treatment of metals, and granulators, twenty models, used in refining treatments.

Forrec also manufactures industrial grinders, with fifteen models in its catalogue, some of which are characterized by important innovative solutions that have significantly improved reliability and operation compared to other products on the market

The company has always focused on four main segments on which to develop its efforts: the research, design and construction of shredders and grinders for the treatment of any type of solid waste in addition to creating a service and maintenance service marked by maximum efficiency to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The CUSTOMER is the centre of everything, the one who experiences the real need and has already gained an understandable experience in the field. The customer for Forrec is a key resource that contributes to the design of machinery and equipment. Knowledge in the technical and practical fields come together to give rise to solutions that are as effective and ad Hoc as a "tailor-made" suit and guarantee comprehensive consultancy that can ensure the customer an immediately operational plant.

The development of environmentally friendly technologies is one of the main goals of the company that has always been committed to operating in a totally eco-friendly manner. Waste that has proven complex to treat has been managed by the research and development department to bring effective solutions. The treatment of WEEE (waste and electrical and electronic equipment) and in particular the process of refrigerator valorisation has been an area in which the company has developed complex and environmentally oriented processes by proposing the total recovery of the gas contained within the polyurethane and harmful if released into the atmosphere, the correct separation of oil and gas contained in the circuits, the precise separation of plastic, copper and iron; a careful design that also guarantees certification to the WEEELABEX system.

The treatment of solar panels has been a recent project involving the company. The disposal of this new type of waste, in fact, has required the development of a system that can correctly manage all of its component parts with the goal of achieving valuable separation and re-collection of dust that could have a harmful impact on the environment. The first project is in function in Italy with encouraging results thanks to the proper management of this very impactful waste in terms of quantity -more and more panels are being replaced- and environmentally hazardous components.

The treatment of other types of waste such as urban solid waste, industrial solid waste, metals and end-of-life tires remains an important part of FOR REC's design and production, the machines involved in the management of these "wastes" are constantly being analysed by the technical department to improve their efficiency and limit their consumption, while also reducing the time needed to replace wear parts.

Forrec provides also a complete after-sales service performed with professionalism and reduced timeframes. Ensuring maximum uptime for the customer at all times is an indispensable principle for the company, which is embodied in the wide availability of spare parts in stock, scheduled maintenance cycles, machine downtime limited to a minimum, and "on site" service interventions ensured within twenty-four hours thanks to mobile workshops and a staff of specialized technicians. The development of the sales network and the fast process of internationalization allowed the company to be recognized nationally and internationally; in a short time, collaborations with partners all over the world were activated and important goals were achieved.

Fifteen years after the birth of Forrec, the balance is absolutely positive and the results are growing; however, the satisfaction is not simply related to the numbers, but to the fact that Forrec is nationally and internationally recognized by companies in the sector and always have clear objectives for this path: environmental protection and customer satisfaction.