Biowaste : The Ritz-Carlton collaborates with BioGreen360 and Garick to develop circular solution for food waste

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BioGreen360, the leading innovator in distributed food waste management solutions, today announced the successful completion of a six-month collaboration with The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City Hotel and Garick to develop a closed-loop program that diverts 100% of the Hotel's food waste from landfill with the residual material being integrated into an all-natural compost product.

The collaboration was conducted at The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City Hotel, leveraging BioGreen360's innovative integrated technology solution including: a waterless distributed digestor technology, proprietary bio-catalysis, an "as a a service" business model and a real-time data analytics package. Since the start of the collaboration, the Pentagon City Hotel has successfully diverted 100% of its food waste totaling more than ten tons. In addition, the culinary staff at the Pentagon City Hotel have used real-time data feeds from the system to track which departments are creating waste to reduce it over time.

The organic material created through the on-site digestion process at the Pentagon City Hotel was then repurposed into an all-natural compost at Garick's New Milford, CT facility. Through this collaborative relationship, the Pentagon City Hotel not only diverted 100% of its food waste, but now also is repurposing food that otherwise would have been wasted into a high-value, sustainable natural resource through an environmentally friendly, fully circular process.