Multi-feed Reverse Vending and Digital Payout : TOMRA Previews R1 Express – The “Self-Driving Car of Container Recycling”

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Following the launch of the new TOMRA R1 "multi-feed" reverse vending solution, reverse vending system manufacturer, TOMRA, is further expanding it recycling automation offering with the unveiling of the Express returns concept.

TOMRA R1 enables people to pour over 100 empty drink containers into the machine in one go, there is no need for recyclers to manually handle each container or wait at the machine to receive a voucher, TOMRA R1 with Express is claimed to be the first completely automated container recycling experience.

"TOMRA R1 with Express returns is like the self-driving car of container recycling,” commented Harald Henriksen, Head of TOMRA Collection Solutions. “Hands-free, mess-free and wait-free, this fundamentally transforms the way people recycle."

TOMRA R1 is available to order in Norway and Sweden, and will roll out to Germany and other markets in the months ahead. Retailers are invited to test the Express concept. TOMRA R1 and Express will be on show at EuroShop, the world's largest retail trade fair, on 16-20 February in Dusseldorf.

How does it work?

With TOMRA R1, recyclers simply open the hatch and pour their empty cans and plastic bottles into the machine, and close the lid to begin the counting and sorting process. They then receive the voucher with their deposit refund.

For TOMRA R1s equipped with Express, recyclers begin their session by scanning a QR code on the machine's display screen. After pouring in their containers and closing the lid, consumers can simply walk away and start their shopping. They then receive their deposit back via an electronic voucher.

TOMRA Digital

Express is available via TOMRA's Consumer Engagement API, which can be provided for integration with retailers' existing apps and loyalty programs. For retailers that do not have their own apps, it can also be included in the myTOMRA app, part of the TOMRA portfolio of digital products for extending the value of using and owning a reverse vending machine.

Recyclers' deposit refunds can be paid out electronically as a digital voucher for redeeming in store towards their grocery bill. Paperless payout brings added benefit for the environment and is more convenient for both consumers and retailers.

As well as digital payout of deposits, the myTOMRA app can show users a map overview of their nearest reverse vending machines, as well as whether those machines are currently open and available. Users can also log into a personal recycling session at the reverse vending machine to track their recycling progress and achievements.

myTOMRA functionality can be integrated with retailers' existing apps and loyalty programs via APIs, or used as a stand-alone app. The myTOMRA app has over 350,000 users in Australia and US and is available free in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Increased Store Visits

Tailored to larger stores and redemption facilities collecting high volumes of containers, TOMRA said that the R1 attracts visitors and increases the volume of containers returned, which can lead to increased loyalty and revenues for retailers.

Stores that tested out TOMRA R1 – even before the introduction of Express – saw an up to 60% increase in the number of consumer recycling sessions compared to the year before, and up to 218% more containers returned.

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