ENTRADE Grows UK Operations & Maintenance Operations : VIDEO: German Tri-Generation Waste Gasification Tech Firm Expands in UK

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Düsseldorf based ENTRADE Energiesysteme, which manufactures a micro generator that uses gasification technology to generate onsite heat, power and cooling from a wide variety wastes including wood waste and food waste, has expanded its UK operations out of Knowlsey Industrial Park in the Liverpool area.

The company’s recently launched E3 generator based on a high-temperature, carbon-neutral and highly efficient gasification process. It uses solid biomass waste to generate up to 30 kW of electricity, 60 kW of heating and/or cooling up to 30 kW of cooling, said to be enough for 22 American single family homes, a small production facility or even a village in developing countries.

The company said that its using its own technology to provide power and heat for a 3600 square metre warehouse that will serve as the new operative node for its UK network of partners and clients.

Operations & Maintenance staff based at the new location will serve clients that who signed up for a Monitoring & Service Package. The company said that demand for the package, which enables it to remotely control its systems and therefore guarantee a higher uptime, has grown.

According to ENTRADE the development closed loop concepts is at the core of its decision to scale up in the UK, and to that end has partnered with waste recycling company Tidy Planet for food waste recycling from international airports.

It uses the feedstock to produce a customised fuel that was developed at the ENTRADE Biomass Research Centre solves a gigantic and global waste issue while providing a cheaper feedstock for biomass power and heat.

Case Studies

According to ENTRADE, Macclesfield based Tomkinson Heating Ltd has cut its heat and power bill for 2015 with an E3 unit that runs on standardised wood pellets available as a commodity fuel across UK. The unit is set to run for over 8000 hours annually.

Another nearby client is powering an industrial scale greenhouse with an E3 modular and mobile power plant.

The manufacturer said that by capturing carbon dioxide from the biomass pyrolysis process it can replace the natural gas used to heat and power the industrial greenhouses.

“This is a carbon negative technology concept and it is great business at the same time,” asserted Julien Uhlig, chief executive officer at Entrade. “This is the future of waste to energy and just another way we disrupt the energy industry.”

A video looking at the greenhouse installation can be viewed below.


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