Treated Regulated Waste Passed for Non-Regulate Landfill & Waste to Energy : VIDEO: New ACT Microwave Disinfection Plant for Californian Medical Waste

ACT Environmental Services microwave disinfection medical waste waste to energy landfill california
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Sunnyvale, California based hazardous waste management firm, ACT Environmental Services, has opened a new microwave disinfection facility for medical waste.

ACT said that the plant is first of its kind in California and enables it to offer a waste to energy option for clinical wastes.

According to the company, once treated in the microwave disinfection system certain regulated medical waste types can be disposed of as non-regulated solid waste in landfills or used as feed stock for waste to energy facilities, helping companies reach their sustainability goals.

Processed wastes are said to be thoroughly disinfected, rendered unrecognisable via shredding and reduced in volume by approximately 80%, saving valuable landfill space and reducing transport costs.

If the waste to energy option is selected the company said that 1 ton (907 kg) of treated waste can power the average US home for over two weeks.

The company said that it is permitted by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) as an “Approved Alternate Technology” for regulated medical waste, including the following:

Blood and Blood Products

Dialysis Waste

Animal and Human Tissues, Body Parts and Carcasses

Needles, Syringes and Other Sharps

Research Waste

Laboratory Specimens

Surgery Waste

Pathology and Histology Samples

Isolation Waste

Cultures, Slides and Well Plates

Intravenous Bags, Blood Bags and Associated Tubing

Animal Bedding

Packaging Materials

Gloves and Gowns Associated with Waste Collection

The company added that it can also provide incineration or other processing options for chemotherapy waste, pharmaceuticals and other materials where microwave disinfection is not appropriate.

A video explaining the new facility can be viewed below.

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