Aemerge RedPak’s first Virtual Landfill facility : Waste to Energy ‘Carbonizer’ Technology for Medical Waste Rolled Out in California

Aemerge RedPak medical waste waste to energy california gasification
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Californian medical waste firm Aemerge RedPak’s first ‘Virtual Landfill’ facility is now online and available to treat all medical waste streams.

Utilsing its patented Carbonizer® process, theVirtual Landfill technology is claimed to convert medical waste to energy while recycling scrap metals and diverting up to 95% of medical waste from traditional landfills.

The California Department of Public Health granted approval for Aemerge RedPak’s lower capacity phase one unit to begin treating all types of medical waste – including pharmaceutical, pathological, trace chemo, sharps and biohazardous – at its Virtual Landfill facility in Hesperia, CA.

It is now the only California-based option for medical waste categories required to be treated by high heat; the company is already working with a growing list of waste generators to treat waste at its Virtual Landfill facility utilizing Carbonizer technology.

“Our core focus is to provide a safe, reliable and convenient treatment solution for generators of all medical waste streams,” said Adam Seger, President of Aemerge RedPak.

Using its patented technology, Aemerge RedPak’s Carbonizer converts organic waste stream into energy and material co-products with low air emissions to process organic waste, making it the most advanced available technology for processing carbonaceous waste.

The company said that it expects the facility’s California location to significantly reduce medical waste generator liability and transportation emissions.

Previously, certain types of regulated medical waste requiring high-heat forms of treatment would have to be shipped across the country to the few remaining approved incineration facilities.

Carbonization is claimed to be a cleaner process than incineration and enable generators of medical waste in the western U.S. to have it treated closer to their facilities.

“California is setting the bar by supporting the most environmentally conscious and effective technology for medical waste treatment,” said Seger.

In addition to RedPak’s current treatment unit, it’s in the process of installing a much larger Carbonizer at its Hesperia facility that will significantly increase the pounds per hour of waste it can treat (phase two). The larger Carbonizer and additional capacity will be commissioned and online by the end of this summer.

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