IFAT : IFAT Munich 2024: New podcast episode


Wastewater is one of the topics at IFAT Munich. The wastewater talk with the “wastewater heroes” Daniel Jehring, Klaus Jilg and Sascha Kokles offers humorous and informative facts from the wastewater industry every second Monday – informative, entertaining and amusing.

It discusses current topics, the state of the art, and the state of science in urban water management. Guests and experts from the various areas of the wastewater industry also have their say. The wastewater talk will accompany IFAT Munich on this topic from February 1 until the start of the trade fair in May and is available on all popular podcast channels.

IFAT Munich hosts press conference to present the “Status Report on the Circular Economy 2024”

On Thursday, January 25, IFAT Munich hosted the press conference to present the “Status Report on the Circular Economy 2024”. After 2018 and 2020, the current status report is once again a comprehensive work for politics, business, and the interested specialist public. It was drawn up by Prognos AG. In addition to publicly available statistics and studies, the well-known analysis and consulting company drew on the knowledge of insiders from numerous associations and organizations, and from industry and science. As with the 2018 and 2020 editions, it has been compiled for IFAT Munich. Details on the services of the circular economy and their economic significance can be found at here.