Waste sorting : Machinex is selected for the new Montreal MRF

MRF Machinex
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This project promotes local cutting-edge sorting technologies and the collaboration between the two companies, aiming to modernise the curbside recycling system for a sustainable future in Quebec. As a pioneer in the responsible management of recyclable materials in Quebec, a leadership focused on the sustainability of operations is embodied by Machinex.

The new residential single stream system will have the ability to process up to 52 TPH. Equipped with the latest sorting technology including MACH Hyspec® Optical Sorters, Ballistic Separators, Eddy Current Separators and more. This new system will sort fiber, PET, HDPE and mixed plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous, glass, and scrap metal. It was designed with a forwards-thinking perspective, including potential retrofit options as needed. “The selected system is highly automated, flexible for current and future needs and includes mul􀆟ple redundancy to ensure optimal uptme,” says David Marcouiller, Execu􀆟ve Vice President of Sales Engineering at Machinex.

Environmental responsibility

Machinex and the system operator collaborated in the design phase, working together to optimise and streamline the sorting system,” adds David Marcouiller. “Inputs from both parties is key to establish the final plans resulting in facilitated operations, especially greater space optimisation for equipment maintenance access, traffic flow and more”. Machinex significantly contributes to the modernisation of the curbside recycling system managed by Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ), by working on this project. The recent groundbreaking ceremony marked the beginning of a joint effort characterized by a long-standing partnership, shared goals, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. The processing capacity and the cutting-edge sorting technologies of this project will anticipate the evolving needs of curbside recycling while proudly serving the communities of Montreal East.