Textile Recycling : REDWAVE launches innovation for the future of textile recycling

REDWAVE Textilsortiermaschine 2, Redwave Tex

With the EU mandate for a separate collection of textiles from 2025, the need for efficient, accurate and scalable recycling solutions is clear. But: Effective recycling in the textile industry is still in its infancy. Austrian company REDWAVE is committed to supporting the industry in its journey towards recycling and working closely with its customers to develop innovative solutions that promote a sustainable future.

REDWAVE TEX represents a significant achievement for the company, offering a fully automated, sensor-based solution that uses advanced technologies to sort textiles with precision and efficiency. From delicate silk blouses to rugged jeans, REDWAVE TEX can accurately sort a wide range of textile products based on material composition, colour and shape, as well as detecting foreign objects and specific garment types. Different technologies enable efficient sorting of either whole garments or shredded textiles, including used clothing, production waste, returns, hospital clothing and unsold stock.

REDWAVE TEX can identify and accurately sort a wide range of textile items based on material composition, colour and shape, as well as recognising foreign objects and specific garment types.


Innovation for the growing textile recycling industry

"The interest in textile recycling is enormous, as clearly demonstrated at IFAT in Munich this month," says Silvia Schweiger-Fuchs, Managing Director of REDWAVE. "We are proud to have recognized the need for this material stream early on and to already be providing a solution for the textile industry."

With the introduction of REDWAVE TEX, REDWAVE is not only responding to regulatory changes, but also leading the way in promoting a sustainable future through innovative recycling solutions. This development underlines the company's commitment to environmental responsibility and its key role in transforming the textile industry.