ISWA World Congress : That was the ISWA World Congress in Singapore

Aerial drone view of Singapore city skyline at sunset
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1150 visitors, 110 sessions, 51 represented countries, 30 exhibitors, 7 tracks, 2 MoU's, 2 reports, 1 book launch and an entire community of inspiring, enthusiastic waste professionals. That was the ISWA World Congress for the books, celebrating the return of in-person ISWA gatherings in stunning Singaporean style.

Dr Sahadat Hossain and James Law joined the ISWA team at their booth during #ISWA2022 for a book signing of their latest release- “The Waste Crisis: Roadmap for Sustainable Waste Management in Developing Countries” The books were later gifted to winners of the ISWA Awards, all special signed copies for their hard work and efforts.

Also two other fresh publications, hot off the press were presented during #ISWA2022: ISWA’s Working Group on Collection & Transportation Technology launched a report on Research into sustainable and alternative waste collection vehicle usage, while ISWA’s Women of Waste (WOW!) Task Force jointly launched a policy paper with Grid Arendal titled ‘A Seat at the Table’. about the role the Informal Recycling Sector plays in fighting pollution and driving recycling rates.

ISWA' Women of Waste launched thery policy paper about the Informal Recycling Sector.

ISWA’s partnerships with Engineering X - Safer End of Engineered Life at the Royal Academy of Engineering and Alliance to End Plastic Waste have been important collaborations in recent years. The 2022 World Congress set the perfect stage to recommit ISWA’s partnerships. ISWA president Carlos Silva Filho thanked Jacob Duer, CEO of Alliance to End Plastic Waste, and Hazel Ingram, Senior Manager at Engineering X for their presence and dedication.

The next ISWA World Congress will be held in Muscat, Oman on 30 October - 1 November 2023. ISWA’s National Member be’ah are eager to host the international waste sector at #ISWA2023.