Material Handling : Veolia donates over £94k to bolster grassroots initiatives supporting local communities

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The Sustainability Fund, launched by Veolia in 2021, has successfully supported over 260 projects with over £200,000 in just three years, empowering grassroots projects to make a positive and sustainable impact on their local communities, both socially and environmentally.

Not-for-profit organisations, community groups and individuals were asked to apply to the Sustainability Fund with ideas that help transform their local community by enhancing biodiversity, promoting sustainable waste behaviours, protecting or preserving resources and the environment, or using recycled, reused or reclaimed materials.

Partnering with a further four Local Authorities this year, bringing the total to 25 across the country, Veolia were able to identify more projects than ever before in areas where they provide recycling, waste and cleansing services to the community.

There are so many inspiring projects to choose from but here are some of the highlights from across the country:

Hammersmith & Fulham’s Nourish Hub - Scrap and Pickle Course: is run by a community kitchen. Funding will help them run a cookery course that teaches people how to pickle, ferment and preserve foods to learn creative ways to love your leftovers and end food waste. Hampshire’s Chineham Repair Cafe will help local residents to truly Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle. Volunteers run these Repair Cafes, amongst many others across the country receiving funding this year, saving valuable items and materials from the bin and teaching residents useful skills.

Brunswick Playground In Southwark is going from grey to green with a dedicated group of parents and volunteers who will use the funding to build green walls around We want to create the perimeter of the school playground, encouraging biodiversity, offering shade and catching air pollution.

West Northamptonshire’s East Hunsbury Litter Pickers noticed that more and more young people are showing a keen interest in helping to keep their local environments clean. To encourage and support this enthusiasm, the Sustainability Fund will help them build a library of litter picking equipment.

Haringey’s Great Big Green Week is one of the biggest annual events the Sustainability Fund supports each year. Amongst the many projects hosted by inspiring local volunteers was this year’s PLASTIQUE by Siân workshops where visitors to the festival were invited to transform everyday waste into creative works of art.

Sian Dorman, Founder and Director of PLASTIQUE By Siân said: “We extend our gratitude to Veolia’s Sustainability Fund for making our workshops possible. Your generous support has not only facilitated these creative experiences but has also sowed seeds of environmental consciousness within the local community. The transformational power of upcycling crafts and sustainability education is evident, and with your continued support, we look forward to making an even greater difference in our community.”

Pascal Hauret, Managing Director, Municipal at Veolia said: "Veolia’s Sustainability Fund is at the heart of how we bring communities on our journey towards ecological transformation and work with our Local Authority partners to uncover local solutions to make a positive difference.