Wastewater : Egypt opens world's largest wastewater treatment plant

Bahr El Baqar wastewater treatment plant
© The republic of Egypt presidency

The Bahr El Baqar wastewater treatment plant, located in the northern governorate of Port Said, was recently inaugurated by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. A joint venture between the Arab Contractors Company and Orascom Construction it is the largest of its kind worldwide with a daily production capacity of 5.6 million cubic meters.

It is equipped with advanced operating systems for pumping raw water, flocculation, decantation, filtration and disinfection. The plant will recover the wastewater that flows along the Bahr Al-Baqar drain. The triple-treated water will be transferred to North Sinai in order to contribute to the reclamation of agricultural land within the framework of the national project for the development of Sinai and to support making the best use of the state's water resources.

The Bahr El Baqar wastewater treatment plant holds three Guinness World Records: It's the world's largest water treatment facility, the largest sludge treatment plant and the largest single-operator ozone generating plant.