Westeria’s Innovation Days : „The best moment for innovation is now“

Rainer Flaute

Rainer Flaute, Head of Sales and Business Development at Westeria Moving Innovation.

- © Rainer Flaute

WASTE MANAGEMENT WORLD: You just announced the Westeria Innovation Days for January, 31st. For the first time, there will be a livestream of the product launch. Is there a reason why you will not be just pre-producing a video of the new machine?

Rainer Flaute: Westeria has been known as an innovation leader in the recycling industry for years. Due to our innovative strength, we have always held Innovation Days every four years. Our global dealers and other sales partners must be informed in detail about technical improvements and new products in order to be able to fully convey the added value for our customers and the advantages over market competitors. It's not just about ONE new product, but about further upgrades and optimizations of existing products in various directions, such as simplified maintenance access, easier operation or AI-supported operation. Because of the covid pandemic, we are already more than a year behind schedule with our regular Innovation Days, so our global sales partners can hardly wait. We do live demonstrations of all our machines and show the excellent separation, distribution and dosing results with which our sales partners then conquer the market. None of this can be done with just a video.

What else is happening on the Westeria Innovation Days?

Of course, there is an attractive supporting program and plenty of opportunities for our sales partners to network and exchange ideas about market developments. This is precisely why a physical meeting is so important.

Of course, you can't say much about the new AirStar evolution yet, but it's the first major development of the AirStar in seven years. How disruptive is that?

The AirStar has always been our flagship and leading wind sifter in the recycling industry. At some point the time will come for the release of a new generation, a new model. The best moment for this is always now. Our sales partners are looking forward to this and the proven event.

AirStar is known for its compactness and robustness, are these advantages being thrown overboard in favour of even better separation?

Main point is the completely new air management system “Notus Air”, the details of which we will explain at the Innovation Days. Of course, there is also improved maintenance accessibility and a user interface that is extremely easy to use for the system operator. These are just a few examples. Of course, better technology and more performance often mean more space is required. However, customers will not have to waive the well-known advantage of the compactness of the Westeria AirStars in the future.

When will we be able to know more about the features of AirStar?

At the Innovation Days! We are proud of all our new developments and are looking forward to amaze the world of recycling with that.


The Westeria Innovation Days

January, 31st to February, 1st 2024

Ostbevern, Germany

Invited dealers and partners from all over the world can expect a mix of information about new products and current market developments, live demos, presentations by external experts and an evening program with networking opportunities. The highlight of the two-day event is the world premiere of a completely newly developed stationary windsifter. The company will also be broadcasting this premiere live on the Internet for those interested. The live stream for the world premiere starts on January 31, 2024 at 10:30 a.m., you can register free of charge at the following link: event.westeria.de.