Medical Waste : Agilyx joins the Sustainable Medicines Partnership

Leere Pillen Blister auf weiß Hintergrund
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YewMaker, the executive lead of the Sustainable Medicines Partnership (SMP), is announcing that Agilyx has joined as a Founding Collaborator. The SMP is a not-for-profit private-public collaboration executing projects to make the use of medicines more sustainable and less wasteful.

Agilyx is a technology company that enables customers to recycle difficult-to-recycle post-use plastics to high value, virgin-equivalent products.

In its collaboration with the SMP, Agilyx will have an initial focus on enhancing medicines packaging sustainability. Roughly one trillion medicine packets are thrown away each year, destined for landfill or incineration even though most could be recycled. Eliminating the single use of these plastics is a priority for the SMP.

“There is a perception out there that packaging like blister packs can’t be recycled, but that is not the case. Our proven technology can create a more sustainable solution for this high-grade medical packaging.” - Tim Stedman, CEO of Agilyx

Agilyx will work with SMP to develop tested, data-driven, scalable solutions to address the factors that have previously made these materials hard to recycle such as the chemical complexity of the plastics involved and the logistical difficulties with collection, sorting and disposal in a highly siloed industry.

“Packaging plays an essential role in ensuring the quality and safety of medicines. Developing circular solutions to reduce single use of plastics in medicines packaging is a key focus of the SMP. We are delighted Agilyx, who are leading innovators in recycling complex plastics, will be working with us.”- Nazneen Rahman, YewMaker CEO, SMP Director