Harmonised Waste Symbols : A new Nordic Association will boost recycling

Waste Symbols Lidkoeping, harmonised waste symbols
© Lidkoeping

A uniform language for sorting waste is on its way to being established in the Nordic region. The aim is that the same symbols will appear on packaging as well as on waste bins, at recycling stations and recycling centers. This makes it easy to sort waste correctly, with great environmental benefits. To continue the collaboration, the municipal organizations in Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Sweden have now registered a joint association: EUpicto.
The aim of this work is to increase recycling, which contributes to a circular economy and to achieving several of the global sustainability goals.

Several countries and multinational companies have already shown interest in the pictogram system where colors, symbols and faction names guide in source sorting. Within the EU, a harmonized waste sorting system is now being discussed, and the Nordic experiences is considered as an interesting and possible solution.

The project has been supported by the Nordic Council of Climate and Environment Ministers and the Nordic Circular Economy working Group (NCE).

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