Comment from the President : COP28: We are at the halfway point to the 2030 goals

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We are at the halfway point for both global milestones (Paris Agreement and 2030 Agenda): seven years have passed since its adoption and there are seven years to go before the window for impactful change closes. However, several recent reports show that humanity is lacking behind the deadlines and off track to achieve the goals set for 2030.

Therefore, COP28 subsists as a unique opportunity to accelerate actions and commit for immediate and consistent solutions, to change the current trend and secure a sustainable future for all, creating a forward-looking pathway to beat the effects of the triple planetary crisis.

At this halfway point, it’s important to reflect on the journey since the adoption of the Paris Agreement and examine the way forward, with a clear and comprehensive assessment of the commitments presented so far and what is still missing to effectively cut GHG emissions towards a net zero future. And the instrument to audit the progress of the Paris Agreement is set to take place during this next Conference of the Parties.

As the world’s leading network for professional and sustainable waste management and the transition to circular, ISWA is proudly hosting the first-ever “Waste & Resources Pavilion” at COP28
Carlos RV Siva Filho, ISWA President

The first “global stocktake”, to be concluded at COP28, will engage member states and stakeholders to analyse the progress since the adoption of the agreement, considering the climate ambitions expressed by the NDCs, in order to bridge the gaps and define the efforts to be considered for the next round to be delivered by 2025.In this sense, sound waste and resources management occupy a singular position, as a net reducer of GHG emissions and key contributor to tackle the planetary crisis of pollution, biodiversity loos and, obviously, climate change.

And ISWA is going to COP28 with the ambition to amplify the voice of the waste and resource management sector, calling upon decision-makers to recognize the positive potential brought by this sector for a low carbon future.As the world’s leading network promoting professional and sustainable waste and resource management and the transition to a circular economy, ISWA is proudly hosting the first-ever “Waste & Resources Pavilion” at COP28, and together with key partners will deliver an extensive and meaningful program during the Conference in Dubai.

The schedule has been prepared to inform delegates, global stakeholders, investors and researchers about key messages, opportunities, case studies, technologies, and innovative solutions available to support the development of climate action plans directed to reach the 1.5°C goal.This Conference of the Parties in 2023, marking the halfway point to the 2030 goals, is the pivotal moment to catalyze a collective effort for increased capital allocation to support bold and transformative actions directed to revert the adverse impacts of climate change and pollution, towards a cleaner, healthier, and sustainable planet.