Scrap Metal Recycling : Guiding the future: Panizzolo as innovator and knowledge provider

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The rapid transformation in the metal recovery sector presents significant challenges for companies. But how do businesses respond to change? Panizzolo Recycling Systems, a leading Italian company in the sector, offers perspectives to help businesses understand how to prepare to make the most of future opportunities. In this exclusive interview, Mauro Panizzolo, owner and commercial manager, analyses the evolution of the sector and the company's strategy, from investment in research and development to a focus on training through the Panizzolo Recycling Academy.

What have been the main changes you have observed in the scrap business in recent years?

Our sector is in the midst of a significant evolutionary phase. Firstly, there is an increase in complex scrap, while the market demands the reintroduction of increasingly refined products into the economic cycle. Consequently, metal valorisation is more important than ever. In this context, companies need to invest in innovative and highly efficient technologies to safeguard their competitiveness, paying particularly attention to all qualitative aspects that guarantee a medium to long-term economic return. At the same time, the international regulatory framework is constantly evolving, with strict requirements that demand an ever-greater effort to optimise treatment processes and reduce environmental impact.

Adapting to new challenges is therefore essential. How has the evolution of the sector influenced your business strategy?

In a complex scenario like the current one, we want to be a point of reference, anticipating changes to turn them into opportunities, not only at national level but also internationally. Our response to emerging challenges has focused mainly on innovation, through constant investment in research and development activities that have led us to establish new efficiency standards. Thus, we can offer our clients, in every corner of the world, increasingly advanced solutions for achieving their goals, with particular attention to compliance with current safety and environmental regulations.

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In which direction is your research and development activity currently focused?

Over the years, the focus on technological progress has allowed us to create significant patented components, such as the interchangeable cradle and the refining plant. For us, every innovation is a starting point to do even better and aim for new goals. Our team is currently working on designing a revolutionary machine that we plan to present this year. In the coming months, we will perform a series of rigorous tests on all aspects of operation, structural configuration, production capacity and actual profitability to ensure that the result meets every expectation. It's a new challenge that excites us a lot, and we can't wait to reveal all the details to you.

In a time of new needs and rapid transformation, you have managed to successfully interpret metal valorisation. What are the strengths of your plants?

Thirty years of experience and deep knowledge of the sector allow us to offer solutions that effectively meet our clients' needs, maximising their investment. First, our plants can quickly adapt to different treatment needs, simplifying and speeding up the type and size of incoming waste. The perfect balance between low energy consumption and high productivity also guarantees a significant economic advantage and optimal long-term results. The MEGA 735 hammermill, one of our leading models, perfectly represents this benefit: operating at 450 kW, it guarantees productivity of up to 35 tons/h. Moreover, our solutions achieve complete metal valorisation up to end-of-waste treatments, with output of the highest quality. This, combined with structural solidity, ease of maintenance and the offering of training courses, allows us to consolidate our reputation for excellence and reliability.

In the context of ever changing scrap business, it is important for companies to invest in innovative and highly efficient technologies.

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In addition to high technological value you offer specialised training. Can you tell us more about the Panizzolo Recycling Academy

The Academy's training programme benefits from a wealth of knowledge and experience acquired over time and reflects our constant commitment to innovation. Complete and modular, the programme teaches all the necessary skills for effective plant management, delving into many topics, from operational aspects to maintenance and organisation. The courses, taught by our highly specialised technicians, are designed for our clients and are aimed at the entire work team, with a flexible teaching approach that combines theory and practice. At the end of the training, after passing a test, participants will receive a certification validating their acquired skills.

What advantages does the Panizzolo Recycling Academy offer, and how do these translate into concrete improvements?

We have invested a great deal in the design of this training programme, transferring our knowledge to a comprehensive course. We have received excellent feedback from our clients, with positive and concrete results. The courses not only raise the professional standard of the individuals involved but also allow the full potential of a plant to be exploited, with tangible improvements in terms of performance and profitability. Management becomes more efficient, and all operations and related costs are optimised, resulting in a maximum return on investment. Our educational approach also promotes a more agile way of working, more essential than ever to successfully face emerging challenges. In this way, companies have all the tools to operate with greater efficiency, sustainability and profitability, maintaining a competitive advantage in the long term. These results not only confirm the value of our Academy but also encourage us to continue in this direction to expand the training offer.

With IFAT 2024 just around the corner, what are your expectations, and what will be the focus of your participation in the fair?

IFAT, as always, is a unique stage for us to show the world our innovative spirit. In a year where technology and environmental sustainability will undoubtedly take centre stage, we are excited to present our innovations and want to take the opportunity to reflect together on the future of the sector, sharing our personal vision. You can find us at stand 223/322, in Hall B6, in a completely renovated space where we can't wait to introduce you to the world of Panizzolo and let you discover all of our solutions!

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