Carbon Capture : Innovative technology transforms waste-derived CO2 into sustainable aviation fuels

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An interdisciplinary consortium, formed by LIPOR (Intermunicipal Waste Management of
Greater Porto), P2X Europe and Veolia is launching feasibility studies for a fully integrated industrial-scale Power-to-Liquid (PtL) facility at the Maia Energy Recovery Plant
(Waste-to-Energy, WtE).

The project will allow the production of green synthetic e-Fuel for the aviation industry from
the CO2 captured from the waste gas stream of the WtE plant combined with green hydrogen. In a first phase, up to 100.000 tons of captured biogenic CO2 will be recycled for conversion into e-Fuels and ultimate upgrading into synthetic green end products, such as drop-in e-Kerosene, e-Diesel and specialty chemical products.

The envisaged Carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) implementation at LIPOR’s Energy
Recovery Plant consists of capturing, extracting and purifying the biogenic part of CO2, present in about 60% of the carbon dioxide emissions generated as a result of the
incineration process.

As part of the highly innovative PtL project, CCU technology can be seamlessly integrated
into the existing energy recovery plant, resulting in near-zero - or even negative - CO2
emission power generation, thus significantly improving the environmental and energy
balances of municipal waste incineration.