Recycling : Lithion Recycling receives funding from the Quebec Government

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This new infusion of capital will help Lithion carry out the three pivotal steps in its industrialization plan:

  1. Building and commissioning its first commercial battery dismantling and reprocessing plant (“Spoke”) in Quebec in 2023.
  2. Building and launching a state-of-the-art Technology Development Center to continue to develop Lithion’s technology for future battery chemistries and materials specifications.
  3. Carrying out detailed engineering studies for the construction of Lithion’s own hydrometallurgical plant (“Hub”) in Quebec.

At the same time, the company is continuing its discussions with partners in the United States and Europe interested in licensing the Lithion solution to serve their local markets.

The support of the Quebec government reflects its commitment to developing Quebec’s battery industry as the demand for battery materials increases. End-of-life batteries and production wastes will be sustainably re-valorized, reducing carbon emissions from new battery production.