Recycling : PureCycle plans a 363 million dollar plastic recycling facility

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Company officials indicated that upon completion, the facility will produce over 105 million pounds of ultra-pure recycled polypropylene per year. According to company officials, PureCycle will revitalize three buildings comprising 185,000 square feet. The facility will serve as the company’s operational center in North America and will create more than 50 full-time jobs. PureCycle is now publicly traded on the NASDAQ under PureCycle Technologies, Inc. (PCT).

PureCycle offers the only recycled polypropylene with properties comparable to virgin polymer. The company’s proprietary process is licensed from Proctor and Gamble and removes color, odor, and other contaminants–resulting in 100% virgin-like polypropylene from recycled feedstock, PureCycle says in a press release.