Recycling : Recyclability of Polystyrene Packaging can now be tested

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The Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for Polystyrene (PS) Containers[1] is destined for companies who want to assess if their rigid PS[2] packaging, like pots destined for yogurt and other types of food and beverage products, is compatible with the state-of-the-art post-consumer recycling in Europe.

‘’Ensuring recyclability of PS packaging, beyond increasing its collection, is indispensable to improve its end-of-life management and to unlock a new market for recycled materials,” said David Eslava, Managing Director at Eslava Plasticos and Chairman of the RecyClass PS Technical Committee.

The Protocol outlines a comprehensive methodology that allows testing on a laboratory scale of innovative packaging and its effects on the recycled PS.

“The document aims to represent as accurately as possible how the PS recycling process should work at an industrial scale to allow PS containers to get recycled in high-value applications,” said Dr. rer. nat Fabian Lüth, Technical Sales at Vogt, and a representative of the RecyClass PS Technical Committee.

The Protocol’s goal is to guarantee recyclability of PS packaging, while maintaining protection properties of packaged goods, ensuring proper functioning of the PS recycling process and encouraging innovation.

The document allows for evaluating recyclability of the different components including, among others, non-PS layers, coatings, attachments, closure systems, labels, adhesives, printing inks technologies, and compatibilizers.

The Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for Polystyrene (PS) Containers adds on to the existing Protocols for HDPE and PP containers[3] and is key to effectively advance recycling rates of PS packaging in Europe.

Any company interested in analysing the recycling compatibility of innovative PS packaging technology or product before a market can now contact RecyClass to carry out the assessment and to receive an official attestation that can be equally used for marketing purposes.

[1] Recyclability Evaluation Protocol For PS Containers

[2] Except for XPS and EPS

[3] RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols