Construction and Demolition Waste : STADLER sees rise in demand for CDW sorting machinery

Mixed Construction waste, STADLER

The construction industry generates paramount quantities of waste. While recycling rates of construction and demolition waste (CDW) vary around the world, in all regions most of the material recovered is downcycled into low-quality materials or sent to landfill. As the demand for raw materials is growing and the depletion of natural resources is on the rise, advanced waste recovery facilities and recycling plants are becoming the focus of attention. STADLER, a leading supplier of sorting plants for the recycling industry, is seeing a rise in the demand of waste sorting plants capable of producing high-quality materials that can be recycled to partially replace raw natural resources in the production cycle of construction materials.

CDW sorting processes need to be flexible, robust and capable of handling high throughputs with considerable fluctuations. STADLER’s machines perfectly fit the bill. They are conceived to process large amounts of mixtures of diverse materials in very challenging conditions, such as presence of fines and humidity, as well as heavy and bulky objects.

STADLER has successfully applied its waste sorting know-how in a number of CDW projects – the most recent ones for Sogetri in Switzerland and Remeo Oy in Finland. STADLER’s sorting plants enable the separation of CDW into different fractions, which can have a broad range of applications. They can substitute raw construction materials such as sand, gravel, metal, wood and many more.

Photo 04 Ballistic separators from STADLER at the Remeo sorting facility picture by Esko Tuomisto
Ballistic separators from STADLER at the Remeo sorting facility picture by Esko Tuomisto. - © STADLER