IFAT : Vecoplan presents new generation shredders at IFAT

Vecoplan IFAT FB VAZ Photo 4
© Vecoplan

On its 270 m2 booth site at leading trade fair IFAT in Munich, Vecoplan presents the new VAZ single-shaft shredder. Besides fulfilling the latest standards in industrial design and offering attractive new features, it has a modular structure which makes it the right solution for a wide range of applications. Vecoplan also exhibits its VRZ series shredder. The company chose a very sleek design for its new generation of shredders.

The new shredder is equipped with the Vecoplan Smart Center (VSC). This digitalisation concept offers a modern communication interface between Vecoplan and the customer with the VSC.connect system. The user can access services such as document management and remote service. The integrated, intuitive VSC.control operating panel serves as a communication medium for the machine’s control system and a live link to the Vecoplan technicians. Vecoplan has designed the machine operation to be user-oriented and equipped it with valuable features, such as a dashboard that provides the operator with an overview of all the relevant values and current messages. For areas with poor internet reception Vecoplan developed the possibility to connect via the telephone network, as developer Paul Mockenhaupt explained during the press presentation.

To further improve customer service, the company is expanding its network of service points. Next up is Italy.

Vecoplan PK IFAT
Press presentation of the Vecoplan Smart Center at IFAT in Munich. - © Helena Nageler