Greenlane Biogas to Supply & Install ReFood’s Dagenham AD Plant

Contract for Biogas Upgrading Technology at Dagenham Food Waste Plant

Biogas to grid upgrading specialist, Greenlane Biogas, has received a multi-million pound contract from ReFood Ltd to supply and install gas upgrading equipment to a food waste plant in Essex.


UK based biogas to biomethane upgrading specialist, Greenlane Biogas, has received a multi-million pound contract from ReFood Ltd, part of the German firm SARIA Group which also owns waste and recycling firm Remondis, to supply and install gas upgrading  equipment to a food waste plant in Essex.

The company explained that the water-wash Totara’ biogas-to-biomethane upgrading plant at a new food waste processing site under development in Dagenham, Essex The system has many similarities to the first one, operating on ReFood’s site in Widnes since summer 2014. (See WMW story)

The ‘Totara’ unit in Dagenham is expected to output up to 2000 Nm3/hr of biomethane to the national gas grid.


According to Greenlane, water-wash (or water-scrubbing) technology is thoroughly proven with 100 sites operational worldwide, and in purely environmental terms was claimed to be the cleanest method of upgrading biogas using no chemicals and no heat.

During the process carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide are separated from the gases under pressure by absorption into the water. After upgrading, the company said that methane content is typically greater than 98%.

At the heart of the system a simple, robust compressor is said to provide high availability and low operating costs.

“The ability of the Greenlane water-wash system to treat the high levels of contaminants, inherent in the biogas from most food waste, is a prime reason to be confident that the Dagenham project will match and even exceed the operating and commercial benefits to the customer of the successful Widnes plant,” commented Greenlane’s director of engineering, Glenn Mercer.

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