Residents to Receive Free Compost from Late 2016

Organic Waste Recycling Collections to Start in Martinez, California

In California the City of Martinez is set to adopt an organic waste collection and recycling programme, in accordance with state law.

Image © City of Martinez

In California the City of Martinez is set to adopt an organic waste collection and recycling programme, in accordance with state law.

The City Council explained that organic wastes sent to landfill contributes significantly to the City’s inventory of greenhouse gas emissions. In accordance with State laws and the goals of the City’s Climate Action Plan (adopted June 2009), the City said that it is implementing a residential (and commercial) Organics Recycling Program to reduce these greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the council the Organics Recycling Program will not only help increase the diversion of recyclable materials from the landfill, but will also prevent yard debris from being used as landfill cover, as is currently the case for Martinez yard debris collection.


Beginning January 1, 2016, residents will be able to dispose of Organic materials, such as food waste, alongside yard debris in their existing green carts.


The green carts will be collected weekly, on the same day as waste and recycling kerbside collections. The organic waste collected will then be taken to an industrial composting facility in Richmond, which will break down the materials into reusable compost to be used as soil amendments and mulch.

Commercial and multi-family service will begin on April 1, 2016, with more information to come in the near future on a special informational workshop and program implementation options for those customers.


The City Council added that Republic Services will be offering free kitchen organics pails to residents in early 2016. Residents interested in reserving a free pail can put in a request now by calling Republic Services.

To help keep the pails clean the council is offering residents the option to purchase compostable liners, but also said the carts and be simply lined with used newspaper or paper towels.   

As an added benefit, the council said that interested Martinez residents will receive up to one cubic yard of free compost per household each year with proof of residency.   The free compost giveaways will begin in October 2016 at the annual “Reuse Roundup” event.

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