SamurAI Debutes at WasteExpo & IFAT

VIDEO: Machinex’s Robotic Waste Sorting Machine for Recycling Facilities

Canadian recycling equipment manufacturer Machinex launched a new waste sorting robot, SamurAI, at IFAT 2018 in Munich.


Canadian recycling equipment manufacturer, Machinex, has launched a new waste sorting robot, SamurAI, at IFAT 2018 in Munich.

The company explained that the machine features a 4 articulations robot with artificial intelligence technology to identify materials for an accurate, positive product recovery or a precise quality control function.

The AI operates according to a pre-determined order of task hierarchy to maximise financial return while continually improving and learning from operating experience to assure maximum recognition efficiency.

According to the manufacturer, compared to a human sorter, which achieves an average of 35 picks per minute, the SamurAI manages to double this average by reaching 70 picks per minute.

 The SamurAI has been designed to accommodate sorting conveyors width up to 48 inches while offering a modular design for multiple robot configurations.

Machinex said that it has developed the robotic sorter in response to MRF operator requirements. The system will reduce their reliance on manual labour working in difficult environments, therefore reducing on-going operating costs while improving overall system performance.

Over recent years Machinex has developed equipment such as ballistic separators and optical sorters for integration into both new and existing sorting facilities to achieve high recovery & purity levels.

The company said that SamurAI  therefore comes in support to enhance the automation and the performance of the complete plant in order to reach the strict quality standards of the local and export markets and divert more material from landfill.

“We developed this technology further to always answer the evolution of the market needs,” said Pierre Pare, CEO of Machinex Group. “Machinex has nearly 35 years of knowledge and experience in the waste and recycling industry, developing and integrating technologies in material recovery facilities, thus ensuring that our clients always remain ahead of the market.’’

Robotics Partner
Machinex explained that after a very detailed and rigorous process to select a partner to provide Machinex with an artificial intelligence system, AMP Robotics was engaged due to their wide experience and expertise within the recycling industry.

According to the Canadian firm, AMP Robotics is well represented within the North American market and their AI technology is installed and successfully operating in several material recycling facilities.

The role of AMP Robotics will be to provide the artificial intelligence for the robot, while Machinex will provide all of the required robotic hardware and will ensure its complete system integration.

“With Machinex we not only expand our market reach but gain a truly collaborative and deeply experienced partner who shares our vision of the potential of artificial intelligence in the recycling industry,” said Matanya Horowitz, CEO of AMP Robotics.

The first two SamurAITM will be installed immediately following Waste Expo both in both the US and Canada. Further robots are soon to be installed while a number of other sales are currently being finalized with customers both from North America and Europe.

In the video below Ian Smith, Business Development Manager at Machinex talks to WMW at IFAT about the company’s latest developments

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