CHP Waste Gasification Technology Available at Low Initial Purchase Price : ENTRADE Launches Monthly On-Site Waste to Energy CHP Technology Plans

ENTRADE waste to energy gasification CHP

ENTRADE, a German manufacturer of a small scale, fuel flexible waste gasification micro generator has is to offer its E3 50 unit – which can supply 375,000 kWhe PA and 900,000 kWht PA on at a fixed monthly price, either with or without fuel.

The company claimed that the new approach radically simplifies the decentralised use of clean energy. It explained that companies with a medium to large demand of energy can profit from the employment of its E3 50 CHP plant, with a claimed efficiency of up to 85%.

ENTRADE said that the offer forms the basis of the risk-free and unique service, at a cost-effective price.

The company said that the UK purchase price for an E3 50 - provided in a 20 foot container - lies around the £500 mark, if one of the two following service-agreements is concluded:

The fixed price of the ‘Freedom Power Package’ is £4,995 per month - without fuel

The fixed price ‘Carbon Hero Package' for £12,595 per month including fuel and an extended warranty for up to 7,500 operating hours per year.

According to ENTRADE’s this new approach allows its customers to reduce their energy costs by 20% on average.

The E3 50 plant can convert a variety of wastes to energy and has an electric output of 2 x 25 kW (375.000 kWh per year) and a thermal output of 2 x 60 kW (900.000 kWh per year) and is claimed to be capable for bearing a constant load due to its long annual operation time.

The generated heat is reimbursed in accordance with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Both packages include ENTRADE installing the equipment and taking care of its continuous operation and maintenance.

Throughout 2016 the company said that it expects to produce over 500 E3 plants in Germany for customers all over the world.

“At no time it has been so risk-free to switch to clean energy, as not even higher initial investments are necessary,” claimed ENTRADE’s CEO Julien Uhlig.

“With ‘Power Plant as a Service’ we offer a solution that can be booked directly online,” he continued. “From now on the offer will be available on the UK market and will soon be extended to the USA. We believe that this will lead to a faster market acceptance of our disruptive technology.”

ENTRADE and its customers currently rely on wood pellets as fuel. The core element of the E3 power plant is however the flexibility, allowing the usage of various biomass waste materials such as nutshells or processed food remnants. Besides the variety of employable fuels, ENTRADE also sets new standards regarding permanent options for online-management and remote maintenance.

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