Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode Material Recycling Technology Patent : VIDEO: American Manganese Secures US Patent for Battery Recycling Technology

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The United States Patent and Trade Mark Office has issued a patent to Canadian Lithium-Ion battery recycling technology firm, American Manganese Inc. for the Company’s lithium-ion battery cathode material recycling technology.

The company said that the granting of the patent is a significant milestone as it now provides legal protection of the its flagship technology.

“The granting of the U.S. Patent confirms that our research is both novel and inventive,” said Norm Chow, inventor of AMY’s technology, “It is extremely exciting to have the opportunity to potentially contribute to the sustainability of future global electrification, which I believe will be valuable to the long-term health of our planet.”

“When developing this technology, we looked at current methods of recycling waste lithium-ion batteries and discovered high heat smelting to be the primary method,” he continued. “Because active cathode materials are oxides, the first thing that came to mind was the comparison to steelmaking. Since smelting iron ore in steelmaking generates a considerable amount of CO2, we were compelled to develop an alternative process with a sustainable focus.

“During research development, we applied Near Net Shape manufacturing principles with the goal of efficiently recycling cathode material and generating products as close to the final form as possible, with minimum processing steps,” Chow concluded.

Instead of relying on acquiring and developing mines in high risk jurisdictions to supply the growing demand for battery materials, AMY aims to have its patented urban mining technology provide a sustainable and geopolitically friendly supply of battery materials.

The granting of the Company’s patent comes at a time of surging demand for lithium-ion batteries as part of the trend towards ‘the electrification of everything’. According to the Benchmark Mineral Intelligence battery mega-factory tracker, there is a forecasted 400% increase in lithium-ion battery production capacity to 1 TWh by 2028 in order to meet the electric vehicle demand outlook.

For instance, AMY highlighted a Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecast that predicts 55% of all new car sales and 33% of the global fleet will be electric by 2040. Legacy automakers, like Volkswagen, have recognised the social, environmental, and economic value in an efficient and eco-friendly recycling processes for their growing electric mobility fleet, with an aim to return raw materials back to the production process chain.

In the video below American Manganese President and CEO Larry Reaugh sat down with Steve Darling from Proactive Investors Vancouver to share news the company has been granted a patent in the United States to protect their technology for lithium-ion battery cathode material recycling

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