Digitisation : AMCS launches new platform in North America

Handsome person holding hologram screen displaying modern cloud based web system technology
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AMCS announced the launch of the AMCS Platform for Metal Recycling for the North American market. The platform is a new generation cloud-based solution designed with leading scrap recyclers to automate all aspects of their operations from scales, compliance, pricing and contract management, transport, supplier portal, hauler portal, inventory valuation and management, production, brokerage, sales, to outbound logistics and finance.

It represents the first enterprise-grade end-to-end solution of its type, offering a scalable architecture as well as multi-location, multi-currency and multi-lingual support, leveraging the latest technologies including a modern and intuitive browser-based user experience.

The solution will be formally launched at the ISRI convention in Las Vegas on the 21st of March.

The Spring 22 Release also features a new cross route optimization service, as a new part of our Smart Dispatch solution, which is designed to fully automate the allocation of unplanned and on-demand orders to round-based routes. This new service will automatically produce realistic, accurate and balanced routes that are optimized to save driving time and emissions.

This release also sees the addition of two new interactive self-service channels, where end customers can receive and pay bills seamlessly.

Mobile Bill Presentment will allow end customers to pay their bills on a mobile device using a digital wallet such as Google or Apple Pay.

Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) Payment provides automated phone-based payment acceptance services.

These new payment services will improve the end customer experience and reduce overall administration costs.