Plastic Waste : Bollegraaf and Broeckx create breakthrough in LDPE recycling

big roll of wound white transparent film for wrapping food, dark blue background, top view
© Danko Natalya

Bollegraaf is building an innovative LDPE sorting plant for Broeckx Plastic Recycling in Esbeek (NL). To recycle LDPE in a high-quality way, together with Broeckx, Bollegraaf has developed a new way of sorting.

Low-Density PolyEthylene (LDPE) is widely used in everyday life, such as in plastic bags and shrink wrap. Currently, LDPE is lumped together after use in order to process further. The problem with this is that LDPE is not homogeneous and has to be processed in a different way. As a result, the LDPE is now only reused in low-value forms, such as a garbage bag, that will be incinerated after use.

To recycle LDPE in a high-quality way, Bollegraaf will build a sorting plant with a capacity of 13.5 tonnes per hour. With this new installation, the percentage of LDPE that can be reused increases from 10% to 70%-80%! Sorting based on chemical properties has never been used before. Let alone on this scale.

The official launch by Bollegraaf and Broeckx will take place during PRSE in RAI Amsterdam on 19 and 20 June at booths A4 and B6. Contact: