Renewable Natural Gas : Copenhagen replaces natural gas with biomethane from food waste

A man turns on the gas on the hob in a modern kitchen. Gas stove safety, gas control and safety shutdown.

Copenhagen wants to become carbon neutral by 2024. Now the Danish capital is taking a big step to become in that direction. Starting this month Copenhagen will use the food waste that has been collected from households and businesses all over the city to produce biogas and biomethane to use for electricity and heat generation as well as to replace natural gas in the gas grid.

The biowaste will no longer be taken to the facility in Slagelse but instead to the plant in Solrød, which is located much nearer to the city. Here the biogas can be upgraded to biomethane and directly injected in the gas grid. Biomethane can completely replace natural gas and is therefore a viable option to become less dependend on fossil fuels.

As a side product the digester produces fertilizer even on organic fields.

Already in 2021, 15,000 tonnes of food waste were collected in Copenhagen, which corresponds to the energy consumption of five million hot baths lasting five minutes. According to estimates it is possible to collect more than twice as much food waste in the Danish capital.