Plastic Recycling : Dow's packaging technology received recylability approval

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RecyClass, a non-profit, cross-industry initiative advancing recyclability, announced that following independent scientific testing, Dow's RecycleReady technology is the first compatibilizer to receive recyclability approval. The technology was found to be fully compatible with the European flexible polyethylene (PE) recycling stream.

RecycleReady is a co-extruded PE film containing EVOH. In addition, the film contains the compatibilizer RETAIN™ 3000, which has the added benefit of limiting the yellowing effects associated with EVOH degradation.

Compatibilizers enhance plastic recyclability

The assessment of this technology was carried out in accordance with the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and conducted by AIMPLAS. The results show that by limiting the EVOH content to 4.75% and the compatibiliser content to 2.25%, this technology is fully compatible with both natural and coloured flexible PE recycling technologies1.

Additional evaluation shows that the recycled material containing up to 25% film with RecycleReady technology can be used in high value applications such as PE blown film.

This approval highlights the benefits that the use of compatibilizers brings to the industry by increasing the recyclability of plastic packaging compared to traditional tie layers, which have limited compatibility.

With this new knowledge, the plastics industry can continue to accelerate the transition to a circular plastics future, RecyClass conculded.

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